Month: September 2023

France24 Interview with Velina Tchakarova, titled ‘Serious breakthrough’: Ukraine advancing on southern front amid growing ‘pressure from the West’

Ukraine said Tuesday that its forces had pushed deeper into Russian defensive lines near the village of Robotyne, a day after claiming control over the village on the southern front. Kyiv has engaged in a grinding counteroffensive since June after stockpiling Western-supplied weapons and building up assault battalions, but progress…
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CNN article on Europe has dodged Putin’s gas bullet. But it’s still thirsty for cheap energy – with comments by Velina Tchakarova

From the moment Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine seemed inevitable, Europe knew it would soon have to ask itself some very complicated questions.  High among those was whether the continent could wean itself off the Russian gas it had thirstily guzzled for decades – and avoid being at the mercy of President Vladimir Putin should he cut that supply off in response to…
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