Reflections on European Forum Alpbach 2023: Navigating the Clash of World Orders

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Stepping into the serene ambience of the European Forum Alpbach this year, I was met with an electrifying undercurrent of debate, anticipation, and intellectual rigor. The topic on everyone’s lips? The evolving global power dynamics and the much-discussed “Clash of World Orders.”

In February 2022, the world watched with bated breath as Russia and China declared their ambition to redefine the world order, veering away from Western dominance. The fundamental questions that arose were palpable at the Forum: Are we on the brink of a fresh Cold War? Or, are we transitioning to a multipolar world, where several nations will wield significant influence?

There’s also a counter-argument, especially in the light of Russia’s challenges in Ukraine and China’s missteps in its COVID-19 policy. Some experts opined that these developments might suggest the U.S. retaining its seat as the uncontested superpower for many years to come.

One of the highlights of the European Forum Alpbach 2023 was the privilege to hear three diverse perspectives on this critical topic. Each speaker presented their case with conviction, armed with data, historical precedents, and keen foresight.

As an active participant, I didn’t just passively absorb; I engaged. Challenging the speakers, posing questions, and sharing my comments allowed me to dive deeper into the nuances of global politics. The interactive nature of the forum ensured a vibrant exchange of ideas, making the discussions not just insightful but truly dynamic.

The conclusion of the debate was perhaps the most exciting part. Each participant got to vote on which argument they found the most persuasive. While I won’t divulge my vote here, I can confidently say that each perspective broadened my understanding, pushing me to reevaluate my preconceptions.

In sum, the European Forum Alpbach 2023 was a melting pot of ideas, a platform for robust debate, and a testament to the power of collective thought. As the global stage continues to shift, such forums are invaluable in navigating the uncertain waters of international relations.

© Evgeniia Korkeshko, EFA 2023


Second event at Alpbach:

Honored to share the stage at the European Forum Alpbach with the UK Special Envoy to the Western Balkans Lord Stuart Peach and regional experts Kristijan Fidanovski and Flutura Kusari. The topic has been the future of the Western Balkans, and the insights were quite interesting.

Thank you Club Alpbach Macedonia for the invitation!

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