Month: May 2024

IASP 2024 Global Conference” Organized by International Association for Strategy Professionals in Calgary, Canada

Velina Tchakarova attended IASP 2024 and gave a keynote address on “Bifurcation of the Global System amid Cold War 2.0 between America and the DragonBear” It was an enriching experience attending the "IASP 2024 Global Conference" Organized by the International Association for Strategy Professionals and connecting with other strategic professionals…
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How Does The West See India’s Poll Results

The West needs India as much as India needs its technology and investment? To understand how Washington DC and European capitals look at the election outcome in India and how are they likely to approach a Modi third term, Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale on this week's special Edition of Simply…
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Muss Europa kriegstüchtig werden? Der Standard

Das Risiko einer militärischen Auseinandersetzung mit Russland bleibt gering, genauso das Risiko eines nuklearen Austausches", sagt Velina Tchakarova. Das sei jedoch kein Grund zur Entspannung: "Russland verfolgt das Ziel, die nach 1945 entstandene Sicherheitsarchitektur zu zerstören und die geopolitische Vorherrschaft auf dem Alten Kontinent zu erringen."
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