WUmatters. WUtalks. – Der Preis für den Krieg

Am 8. November um 18.00 diskutierte eine hochkarätig besetzte Runde an der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien innerhalb eines prominenten Podiums über den "Preis für den Krieg" aus humanitärer, ökonomischer und politischer Sicht. Ausgangspunkt ist der Krieg in der Ukraine, aber man hat die aktuellen weltpolitischen Entwicklungen nicht ausgeklammert.
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China, India and the Global Order

In the first episode of the podcast, we will talk about the economic, social and technological rise of China and India (Bharat). Together with guests Todor Radev - journalist, part of the China Media Group and Velina Tchakarova - geopolitical analyst, we will discuss the international relations of the two…
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Velina Tchakarova Explores BRICS Dominance with Michael Gayed

In this enlightening and engaging episode of Lead-Lag Live, Michael Gayed sits down with the globally recognized expert Velina Tchakarova for a thorough discussion on 'The Significance Of BRICS To Dollar Hegemony.' We dive into the complex world of international monetary systems and explore the increasing dominance of the BRICS…
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Global Energy Turmoil

Dr. Anas F. Alhajji is a world-renowned energy markets expert, researcher, author, and a speaker with more than 900 papers, articles, and columns to his credit. He advises governments, companies, financial institution, and investors on various energy markets issues.
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