Velina Tchakarova is a distinguished authority in the fields of geopolitics and geostrategy, renowned for her efforts to demystify the complex dynamics of global affairs. Her vast experience is built on continuous research, active participation in international forums, and advisory roles for prestigious clients. Recognized for her insightful appearances on international, European, and Austrian media, she delivers nuanced analyses and perspectives on the unfolding geopolitical scene. Her areas of expertise are broad and deep, covering critical themes such as Global System Transformation, Geostrategy, Global Order, Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, with a particular focus on key regions like the EU, India, China-Russia relations, and the US.

In her presentations, whether she’s addressing a large audience at an international conference or engaging in more intimate client meetings, she seeks to enlighten and inspire, promoting thoughtful consideration of the future of our global system. Her profound understanding of the forces shaping global change positions organizations and businesses to navigate emerging challenges and seize new opportunities in today’s interconnected landscape.

Beyond her speaking engagements, she is an active contributor to both public and academic discourse, participating in, and often moderating, discussions at various international and local platforms. Her insights into current geopolitical developments provide invaluable perspectives, enriching dialogues across different sectors. As a keynote speaker and panel moderator, her analysis is highly valued for its depth and relevance.

Her commitment also extends to the academic realm, where she aims to share knowledge and foster understanding among the next generation of leaders and thinkers at universities, diplomatic academies, and institutes worldwide.

Organizations looking to navigate the complexities of the global stage and gain a competitive edge can benefit from her tailored speaker services, designed to deliver strategic insights and inspiration. Those interested in leveraging her expertise for their strategic advantage are encouraged to connect with her and explore how her profound knowledge and perspective can advance their objectives.

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1. Meaningful Connection

At FACE, we believe in the power of genuine relationships. Our commitment to fairness and integrity is at the heart of every interaction – akin to the trust and respect symbolized by a firm handshake. We strive to understand the unique needs and goals of our clients and forge meaningful connections that go beyond mere transactions. For us, every client is a valued partner, and their success is our success.

2. Simplicity

In the complex world of geopolitics, we stand for clarity and simplicity. We strive for total transparency in all our processes, ensuring our insights and recommendations are easy to understand and actionable. Our aim is to demystify the world of geopolitics, empowering our clients with clear, concise, and impactful advice that guides their strategic decision-making.

3. Glocalism

We honor the principle of glocalism, recognizing the importance of local context in a globalized world. We respect the diverse backgrounds of our clients and tailor our services to their unique regional circumstances. We support regional production, consumption, culture, and identity, while also helping our clients navigate the wider global landscape. At FACE, we believe in thinking globally but acting locally, enabling our clients to thrive in both arenas.

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