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At FACE - For A Conscious Experience, we specialize in providing businesses and institutions with expert geopolitical consulting services. Our mission is to help you stay ahead of the curve, anticipating and planning for various scenarios that may impact your organization.


As an experienced speaker and recognized authority in geopolitics and geostrategy, I am committed to shedding light on the complex workings of geopolitics. I bring to the stage a wealth of knowledge gained from frequent participation in international conferences, expert workshops, and client meetings.


As an accomplished researcher in geopolitics, I actively contribute to national and international research projects and consortia, such as FFG in Austria and or Horizon Europe. My participation in such projects helps deepen my understanding of evolving geopolitical developments and continually broadens my expertise.

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Hello, I'm Velina Tchakarova!

“Geopolitics is the art of understanding the world’s power dynamics based on the conundrum of geographical space.”

Our values are:

  • Meaningful Connection: At FACE, we believe in the power of genuine relationships. Our commitment to fairness and integrity is at the heart of every interaction – akin to the trust and respect symbolized by a firm handshake. 
  • Simplicity: In the complex world of geopolitics, we stand for clarity and simplicity. We strive for total transparency in all our processes, ensuring our insights and recommendations are easy to understand and actionable. 
  • Glocalism: We honor the principle of glocalism, recognizing the importance of local context in a globalized world. We respect the diverse backgrounds of our clients and tailor our services to their unique regional circumstances. 
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