Month: August 2023

The Day with Pablo Foley Elias

It's now 540 days since Russian forces invaded Ukraine, unleashing one of the bloodiest conflicts on European soil since WWII. The question now is: which army - and which society - will prove more resilient? Velina Tchakarova commented on the Day with Pablo Foley Elias, and Deutsche Welle.
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A Summer of Strategy: Velina Tchakarova’s Insightful Interactions with Global Political Leaders

In the ever-changing landscape of geopolitics, the months of June and July held unique importance for Velina Tchakarova, a prominent geopolitical strategist. Her interactions, from Vienna to Uzbekistan, with high-profile figures in politics, economics, and international relations made these summer months particularly noteworthy. In Vienna, the heart of Europe, Tchakarova…
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Norway is the backbone of energy security in Europe

Norway plays an important role in promoting energy security in Europe. The Johan Sverdrup field accounts for nearly a quarter of the total oil production in the North Sea region. Equinor has seen its production increase off the Brazilian coast, as well as in the US Gulf of Mexico. Norway's…
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Putin’s Hunger Games

Velina Tchakarova has written an article for The Pragmaticus. The article is about Russia's withdrawal from the Grain Agreement and Russia's shelling of Danube ports as an attempt at blackmail. Putin is using it to force a lifting of agricultural sanctions.
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