The UNSC and the Balancing Act Between the US and the ‘Dragonbear’: Lessons for the G20

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  • The UNSC and the Balancing Act Between the US and the ‘Dragonbear’: Lessons for the G20

This policy brief examines the growing coordination between China and Russia within the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and its implications for the rules-based international order. Driven by a desire to counterbalance the US, the ‘Dragonbear’ alliance poses significant challenges to the effectiveness of the UNSC and other multilateral institutions, including the G20. The primary recommendations for the G20 are to reassess the China-Russia relationship, fortify the rules-based international order, encourage dialogue and cooperation, advocate for UNSC reform, and reinforce alliances and coalitions with likeminded partners. India’s unique position in various multilateral structures and its leadership role in the G20 this year make it a key player in balancing diverging interests and fostering collaborative efforts to address the challenges posed by the rise of the Dragonbear.


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