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Velina Tchakarova, known for coining the term ‘Dragonbear’ to describe the China-Russia strategic partnership, recently shared her insights on Strat News Global, analyzing the current state of global conflicts and crises.

Tchakarova discussed the notion of the world being in a Cold War 2.0, emphasizing that fears of a third World War overlook the complexities of current geopolitical tensions. Her analysis extended to various global hotspots, offering a nuanced perspective on each.

In discussing the Israel-Hamas War, Tchakarova outlined potential escalation scenarios, stressing the need for balanced crisis management. She also touched upon the prolonged nature of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, predicting its continuation until at least 2025-26.

Tchakarova explored the United States’ capacity to handle multiple global conflicts, especially in an election year, and delved into the strategic implications of China and Russia’s maneuvers in the Indo-Pacific.

Her analysis of India-China military tensions highlighted the risks posed by multiple triggers, yet she also recognized the potential for crisis management and wisdom in leadership. Additionally, Tchakarova postulated the possibility of normalized trade relations between India and Pakistan, which could significantly impact regional stability.

Tchakarova concluded her comprehensive analysis with thoughts on the trend towards civilian nuclear power, underscoring its importance in global energy security.


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Article with Bharat Shakti:

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