A Summer of Strategy: Velina Tchakarova’s Insightful Interactions with Global Political Leaders

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In the ever-changing landscape of geopolitics, the months of June and July held unique importance for Velina Tchakarova, a prominent geopolitical strategist. Her interactions, from Vienna to Uzbekistan, with high-profile figures in politics, economics, and international relations made these summer months particularly noteworthy.

In Vienna, the heart of Europe, Tchakarova engaged in comprehensive discussions with Alexandre Lévêque, the Assistant Deputy Minister for Strategic Policy at Global Affairs Canada, who was on a state visit. Lévêque, entrusted with the integration of strategic policy and advice across foreign policy, economic policy, and development streams, and Tchakarova’s discussion dove deep into a broad range of key global issues and the indispensable role of strategic foresight.

The French Minister for European Affairs, Laurence Boone, was another illustrious figure Tchakarova met in Vienna. Boone’s breadth of expertise, including her roles as the former Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD and as a director of research for the Inclusive Forum on Carbon Mitigation Approaches, ensured an illuminating dialogue. Their conversation encompassed the multilayered topics of European enlargement, Western Balkans, migration and Russia’s persistent aggression against Ukraine.

However, the most remarkable segment of Tchakarova’s diplomatic journey took place in Central Asia – Uzbekistan. Invited by the Uzbek Embassy in Vienna, she served as an independent observer of the presidential elections, which confirmed the continued leadership of President Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev. During her visit, she held wide-ranging discussions with influential Uzbek stakeholders. Mr. Fayziev, Head of the Department of Political and Security Study of the Central Asian International Institute, provided valuable insights into the region’s security landscape. Ambassador Daniyar Kurbanov, Director of the Center for International Relations Studies, offered perspectives on Uzbekistan’s position in the international arena. Further discussions ensued with Shakhnoza Kodirova, Chief Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Kodirova’s extensive knowledge and in-depth research work offered unique viewpoints on the nation’s strategic issues. A pivotal meeting was held with Dr. Vosidjon Ergashev, Deputy Director of the Institute of Legislation and Legal Policy, who provided enlightening inputs on the ongoing constitutional reforms in Uzbekistan. In sum, Velina Tchakarova’s summer engagements were a series of intellectually stimulating exchanges, providing her with a plethora of perspectives from distinct strategic viewpoints. Each dialogue was an affirmation of the essential role diplomacy and dialogue play in addressing global challenges. As we advance further into the year, the rich insights gleaned from these meetings are certain to reverberate in Tchakarova’s future endeavors, providing a lasting imprint on the world of geopolitics.

Adding to her extensive engagements, Tchakarova was selected by the political party NEOS as an independent expert to contribute her insights and expertise on security, defence and geopolitics to the development of a new Austrian Security Strategy. This important task involved working within a steering committee, composed not only of nine other experts nominated by all five political parties in the national parliament, but also representatives from the Chancellery, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tchakarova’s nomination is a testament to her esteemed status in the field of geopolitics and her proven ability to provide nuanced, strategic perspectives on pressing matters. This unique opportunity allowed her to impart her deep understanding of geopolitical and security issues while collaborating with a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Her role in the committee further demonstrated the essentiality of inclusive and varied insights in the formulation of a robust and responsive Security Strategy by the end of this year. As the project progresses, Tchakarova’s contributions promise to be invaluable in shaping an effective and forward-looking security framework.

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