Welcoming Velina Tchakarova to the Advisory Boards of the European Alpbach Forum and Eastern Circles

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We are thrilled to announce that Velina Tchakarova has joined the Advisory Scientific Board of the European Alpbach Forum and has also become a member of the Advisory Board of the Paris-based geoeconomics think tank, Eastern Circles.

At the European Alpbach Forum, Velina will be part of the esteemed Scientific Advisory Board. This board is a cornerstone of the Forum, playing a crucial role in shaping the content of our annual events. The board’s responsibilities include proposing overarching themes for our main event, crafting the framework for the Alpbach Seminars, and providing insightful advice and recommendations for our program content. Comprising 30 distinguished scientists and notable figures from the cultural sector, the Scientific Advisory Board exemplifies a blend of expertise and creativity. Their collective wisdom, under the leadership of a chairperson chosen from among their ranks, is instrumental in driving the Forum’s intellectual and cultural direction.

Velina’s involvement with Eastern Circles aligns with the think tank’s mission to cast new light on regional dynamics through a geoeconomic lens. This perspective is vital in shaping political, and business decisions, and academic discourse. Eastern Circles’ commitment to understanding the intricate interplay of economics and geopolitics in shaping global trends aligns perfectly with Velina’s extensive experience and expertise in these areas.

We are confident that Velina’s contributions to both the European Alpbach Forum and Eastern Circles will be invaluable, bringing fresh perspectives and deep insights that will enrich discussions and aid in navigating the complex geopolitical landscape of our times.

Link to European Alpbach Forum

Link to Eastern Circles

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