Velina Tchakarova on the Emerging World War 2.0: Insights from BNR Interview

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In a recent interview with Bulgarian National Radio from October 28, Velina Tchakarova, a renowned geopolitical analyst, shared her perspective on what she describes as World War 2.0 – a metaphorical delineation of the escalating tensions between Western countries, led by the US, and the China-Russia axis.

Chakirova argued that the current geopolitical landscape is marked by a significant shift, with China and Russia strategically positioning themselves to capitalize on the diminishing dominance of the United States. This dynamic, she believes, is reshaping the global power structure, leading to a new form of conflict that parallels the division and strategies characteristic of a cold war.

A critical aspect of Chakirova’s analysis focused on the West’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. She noted that the clear support of Western countries for Israel is contributing to further fragmentation among the nations of the Global South. Many of these countries are vocal in their support for the Palestinian cause, and this divergence in stance is deepening the divide in international relations.

Chakirova’s insights into these complex geopolitical issues highlight the intricate interplay of global powers and the evolving nature of international alliances. Her interview with BNR offers a profound understanding of how geopolitical strategies are unfolding in the current era, shaping the contours of global politics.

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