Velina Tchakarova at the Energy Intelligence Forum 2023: A Confluence of Energy and Geopolitics

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The Energy Intelligence Forum 2023, held in London from October 17-19, was a pivotal event for Velina Tchakarova, the founder of FACE For A Conscious Experience. Her participation in the forum underscored her commitment to integrating geopolitical insights into the global energy dialogue.

A significant moment for Tchakarova at the forum was her conversation with Ronán Kavanagh, the editor of Century. This interaction provided a platform for Tchakarova to share her expertise in geopolitics with a focus on energy issues. The discussion with Kavanagh revolved around the intricate relationship between global energy dynamics and geopolitical shifts, highlighting Tchakarova’s deep understanding of these interconnected fields.

Throughout the forum, Tchakarova engaged in various sessions that explored the critical challenges and opportunities within the energy sector. The panels covered a broad spectrum of topics, from the role of sustainable energy in the global economy to the influence of technological advancements on energy markets. Tchakarova’s contributions to these discussions were marked by her ability to seamlessly connect geopolitical strategies with energy developments.

Tchakarova’s insights at the Energy Intelligence Forum 2023 were particularly impactful, as she emphasized the crucial role of geopolitics in understanding and navigating the complexities of the energy sector. Her perspective shed light on how geopolitical considerations are essential in addressing issues of energy security, market dynamics, and international energy policy.


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