Unpacking Germany’s China Strategy

This month, Germany unveiled its much-awaited China strategy aimed at recalibrating ties with its top trading partner. The strategy highlights the need for Germany to reduce its economic dependence on China, particularly in critical sectors, and ‘de-risk’. The document builds on from Germany’s first ever National Security Strategy released in June, which laid out the country’s security priorities in an increasingly volatile geopolitical environment. As Germany’s Zeitenwende continues to unfold, this timely event, featuring critical perspectives from New Delhi, Berlin, and the wider European region, aims to unpack the China strategy. This was an in-person event organized by Observer Research Foundation in Delhi. The speakers of this event were Prof. Ummu Salma Bava, Tobias Scholz, PhD candidate, King’s College London, Kalpit Mankikar, Fellow, ORF, Velina Tchakarova, Visiting Senior Fellow, ORF, and moderated by Shairee Malhotra, Associate Fellow, ORF

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