Symposium on “4 Fronts of the War in Ukraine”

Date: Friday, December 8, 2023

Organizers: Eastern Circles and IHEDN

Event Series: ACADEM Discussion Series

Description: This symposium, organized by Eastern Circles and IHEDN, is a part of the ACADEM discussion series, focusing on the “4 Fronts of the War in Ukraine.” It aims to provide a comprehensive analysis and diverse perspectives on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The event will be moderated by Yan St-Pierre from MOSECON.

Speakers and Perspectives:

  1. India: Swasti Rao from the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi, presented insights and the Indian perspective on the conflict.
  2. Africa: Niegale Bagayoko, Chair of the African Security Sector Network (ASSN), discussed the African viewpoint and its implications.
  3. European Allies: Hennadiy Maksak from Ukrainian Prism offered an in-depth analysis from the perspective of European allies.
  4. China: Velina Tchakarova, representing FACE, provided the Chinese standpoint on the situation.

This event promises to be an enlightening session, offering a multi-dimensional view of the war in Ukraine, encompassing perspectives from different corners of the globe.

You will find the conference summary on Eastern Circles website: You will find a report by IHEDN


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