Russian-Chinese alliance in artificial intelligence, and how it has evolved since the invasion of Ukraine

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Author: Sebastian Linke
Editor: Velina Tchakarova

We are proud to announce the release of a pivotal report titled “The Evolving Russian-Chinese Alliance in Artificial Intelligence,” authored by Sebastian Linke and edited by Velina Tchakarova. This comprehensive analysis delves into the evolving dynamics of the Russia-China partnership in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in the context of the post-Ukraine invasion era.

Context and Background: Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the geopolitical landscape has undergone significant shifts. Russia, facing growing isolation due to Western sanctions, has increasingly turned to China for support. This report examines how this alliance, particularly in AI, is transforming the balance of power in Eurasia and beyond. It explores how China maintains a nuanced position regarding the war, balancing its strategic autonomy with its economic and diplomatic relations with the West, all while leveraging Russia’s isolation to boost its own geopolitical influence.

Core Areas of the Report: Characteristics and Applications of AI: The report begins by outlining the foundational aspects of AI technology, providing context for its strategic importance.

Comparative Strategic Analysis: It compares the strategic approaches of China and Russia in AI development, offering insights into their respective technological ambitions and methodologies.

AI Ecosystem and Key Players: An exploration of the key companies and state relationships in AI within both nations, highlighting how these entities contribute to their national strategies.

Evolution of the Russia-China AI Partnership: A detailed examination of how the collaboration in AI between Russia and China has evolved, especially post-2014, and its implications for global governance.

Case Study and Lessons Learned: The report includes a case study on the use of AI for mass surveillance during COVID-19, and how Russia adapted these learnings for suppressing opposition and mobilizing for war, referred to as “digital GOULAG.”

Recommendations and Future Outlook: Concluding with actionable insights and recommendations, the report offers a forward-looking perspective on the implications of this alliance.

Significance of the Report: This report is a crucial resource for policymakers, industry experts, and academicians interested in understanding the complexities and future trajectories of international relations and AI development. It provides a nuanced understanding of how the Russia-China alliance in AI is not just a technological partnership but a strategic alignment with far-reaching implications.

Availability: “The Evolving Russian-Chinese Alliance in Artificial Intelligence” is now available for download. Readers can access in-depth analysis, expert insights, and strategic foresight that are essential in understanding the current and future landscape of AI in global politics.


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