Analyzing Global Dynamics: Velina Tchakarova on ‘Making Money with Charles Payne’

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Blog post On October 16, 2023, Velina Tchakarova had the opportunity to appear on “Making Money with Charles Payne” to discuss the escalating Israel-Hamas conflict and its broader implications. The discussion centered on a critical question: could this regional conflict symbolize a larger Cold War-like scenario involving major global powers?

The term ‘dragonbear’ was a focal point of our discussion, symbolizing the emerging axis of Russia and China in global geopolitics. This alignment of interests between the two countries has significant implications for the global balance of power, especially in the context of ongoing conflicts like the one in Gaza. The conversation on the show explored the potential for the Israel-Hamas conflict to escalate into a broader global confrontation. Her perspective as a geopolitical strategist is that this situation is not just a regional conflict but a manifestation of larger global tensions, reflecting the complex interplay between local and international forces.

She emphasized the importance of understanding the nuances of these conflicts. While the Israel-Hamas situation is deeply rooted in long-standing regional dynamics, the involvement or interests of major powers like the United States, Russia, and China add layers of complexity to the situation.

The discussion on “Making Money with Charles Payne” was an important platform to highlight how seemingly localized conflicts can have far-reaching implications. As the founder of FACE For A Conscious Experience, her goal is to delve into these intricate geopolitical issues and provide a deeper understanding of how they shape our world.


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