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  • Hauptstraße 13, 2371 Hinterbrühl, Austria
  • 2024-04-18 8:00 to 2024-04-20 20:00

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ENERGY & Geopolitics Workshop

2024-04-18 8:00 to 2024-04-20 20:00
18 April 2024


ENERGY & Geopolitics Workshop

2024-04-18 8:00 to 2024-04-20 20:00
18 April 2024


About the Workshop

The Energy Transition Era is reshaping not only our business practices, but also our lifestyle, work, and geopolitics. Our workshop equips executive leaders with a comprehensive understanding of this phenomena and the geopolitical implications it brings. We provide valuable insights into how this shift impacts industries, business operations, and the redefinition of value propositions. Attendees will explore the opportunities and risks associated with the energy transition, receiving expert guidance on managing these factors from both an energy and geopolitical standpoint. Our sessions also focus on fostering business mindsets essential for success in this dynamic period marked by rapid advancements in energy solutions amidst a backdrop of economic and political unpredictability.

Workshop Inclusions:

  • All meals (lunches and breaks) are covered by the workshop.
  • Special Certificate of Completion for attendees.
  • A comprehensive workbook containing:
  • Additional material
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Bibliography list.

1. What will I learn? How will this help me be a better leader? What can I bring back to my organization immediately when I return?

In this comprehensive workshop designed for experienced professionals in leadership and managerial positions, you will acquire a deep understanding of the Energy Transition Era and its profound impact on business practices, lifestyles, work, and geopolitics. As a participant, you will explore how this shift is redefining value propositions across industries, with a specific focus on the opportunities and risks associated with the energy transition. This knowledge will enhance your strategic decision-making abilities, enabling you to manage risks more effectively and navigate the complex geopolitical implications of these changes. The workshop also emphasizes the development of business mindsets crucial for success in a period marked by rapid advancements in energy solutions and economic-political unpredictability. Upon returning to your organization, you’ll bring back actionable insights, innovative business models, and a framework for implementing sustainable practices, all of which will bolster your leadership skills and prepare your organization to thrive in this dynamic era. This learning experience is not only pivotal for enhancing your leadership capabilities but also for positioning your organization at the forefront of the evolving global landscape.

What Will I Learn?

  1. Comprehensive Understanding of the Energy Transition Era: You’ll gain an in-depth knowledge of how the energy transition is reshaping businesses, lifestyles, work environments, and geopolitics.
  2. Impact on Industries and Business Operations: Learn about the specific ways in which this shift is impacting various sectors and how it’s redefining value propositions within these industries.
  3. Opportunities and Risks in Energy Transition: Explore the emerging opportunities and understand the risks associated with the energy transition, providing a balanced viewpoint of the current landscape.
  4. Navigating Geopolitical Implications: Acquire insights into the geopolitical implications of the energy transition and how they affect global business dynamics.
  5. Business Mindsets for Success: Develop business strategies and mindsets essential for thriving in an era marked by rapid advancements in energy solutions and economic-political unpredictability.

How Will This Help Me Be a Better Leader?

  1. Strategic Decision Making: With a thorough understanding of the energy transition and its effects, you’ll be equipped to make more informed, strategic decisions for your organization.
  2. Risk Management Skills: Learn how to effectively manage risks associated with these global shifts, ensuring your organization’s resilience and adaptability.
  3. Geopolitical Savvy: Develop a deeper awareness of geopolitical factors, enhancing your ability to navigate international business landscapes.
  4. Innovation and Adaptability: Cultivate a mindset that embraces change and innovation, crucial for leading successfully through uncertain times.
  5. Sustainability Leadership: Position yourself as a leader in sustainable practices, aligning your organization with the emerging global focus on green energy and responsible business practices.

What Can I Bring Back to My Organization Immediately When I Return?

  1. Actionable Insights: Apply the knowledge and insights gained to refine your organization’s strategies in response to the energy transition.
  2. Risk Management Strategies: Implement new approaches for risk assessment and mitigation, particularly those related to energy and geopolitical changes.
  3. Innovative Business Models: Propose and develop business models that leverage the opportunities arising from the energy transition.
  4. Geopolitical Analysis Tools: Introduce tools and frameworks for analyzing and responding to geopolitical dynamics that impact your industry.
  5. Sustainable Practices Blueprint: Lead the way in integrating sustainable practices into your organization’s operations and culture, aligning with global trends and expectations.

This workshop is designed to empower leaders like you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of the Energy Transition Era effectively, enhancing your leadership capabilities and positioning your organization for success in this dynamic landscape.

2. I saw that this is more than a workshop on energy and geopolitics and that it also includes culinary and cultural experiences. Could you tell me more?

The workshop hosts Velina and Alessandro believe there is a lot of value in ‘breaking bread’ and sharing culinary experiences with others and that it provides a space to continue to share the ideas of the workshop and expand on them in a different format where other senses are also inspired. The same goes with cultural experiences. Energy and geopolitics is very closely tied to the cultures they stem from. This workshop includes the following culinary experiences:

  • Thursday, April 18th: Welcome dinner with a panorama view of Vienna 
  • Friday, April 19th: Typical Austrian dinner in a traditional restaurant or vineyard
  • Saturday, April 20th: A lunch in a typical Austrian restaurant 

3. I am not familiar with Vienna. How far is the Workshop venue from the Vienna International Airport?

The workshop is hosted at the ‘For A Conscious Experience’ venue space located at Hauptstraße 13, 2371 Hinterbrühl, Austria which is a 30-minute drive from the Vienna International Airport (Google Maps).

4. What is the best place to stay?

We recommend the Beethoven Hotel – yes the famous Austrian composer Beethoven himself stayed here! And it is a leisurely eight-minute walk from the Energy-Geopolitics workshop. The rates below include breakfast and are around 100 euros. When booking make sure to let them know you are booking for the FACE event.

5. This sounds great! How much does it cost? And what is included in the price?

The workshop price is €4950.00.

​Early bird price tickets are €3950.00 and will be on sale until 15th March 2024

​Workshop price includes:

  • All meals (lunches and breaks) are covered by the workshop.
  • Special Certificate of Completion for attendees.
  • A comprehensive workbook containing exercises and additional material.
  • Copies of the entire workshop’s presentations
  • Bibliography list.

If you have questions, you can leave a message in the contact form below, or reach out to 

Velina Tchakarova and Alessandro Ischia on Linkedin.

Refund policy: Cancellations after April 1st, 2024 will receive a partial refund of 75% of the ticket. Cancellations before April 1st, 2024 will receive a full refund. If FACE has to cancel the workshop due to unforeseen events, all tickets will be refunded in full.

Participation Terms and Conditions:

Rescheduling due to Force Majeure or Sickness:

    • Force Majeure: In the unforeseen event that the workshop is canceled or postponed due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g., natural disasters, acts of war, governmental restrictions), participants will be provided with an option to attend the workshop on its next scheduled date.
    • Sickness: Participants unable to attend the workshop due to illness or personal emergencies, who provide verifiable documentation of their condition or situation, will also be given the option to join the workshop on its next scheduled date.

2. Notification of Rescheduled Participation: Should you wish to reschedule your participation to a subsequent workshop due to the aforementioned reasons, please notify us in writing no later than 15 days before the next scheduled workshop date. Details of future workshop dates will be communicated once finalized.

3. Contact: For further information or queries, reach out to or call us at +43 699 17054290

Organized by: Velina Tchakarova
FACE For A Conscious Experience

Alessandro Ischia, Ischia-Consulting


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