Schedule of the Workshop: 9:00-17:30 on demand
Venue: FACE, Hauptstr. 13, Hinterbrühl 2371
Seats: up to 8 persons

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In an era marked by rapid geopolitical shifts and technological advancements, our Geopolitical Retreat Workshop offers a vital compass for individuals and team groups of up to 8 persons. Over four immersive sessions in a single day, we delve deep into the latest geopolitical trends, risks, and scenarios, tailoring our insights to the unique niches, potentials, and opportunities relevant to our clients. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of both the opportunities and risks presented by this new era, armed with strategic guidance on managing them from both a technological and geopolitical standpoint. Our sessions are more than just informative; they are transformative, instilling the business mindsets essential for thriving amidst the dynamic landscape of exponential technology growth, economic uncertainty, and political volatility. Join us to equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel in these unprecedented times.

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