As an accomplished researcher in geopolitics, I actively contribute to national and international research projects and consortia, such as FFG in Austria and Horizon Europe. My participation in such projects helps deepen my understanding of evolving geopolitical developments and continually broadens my expertise. In addition to project-based research, I also contribute to the global discourse through my writing. I author book chapters, articles, and other scholarly contributions for international and European institutes, think tanks, foundations, and organizations. My published works aim to expand knowledge about geopolitical trends and risks, and to stimulate intellectual engagement with the complexities of the global system.

My research services center around understanding the global system, the risks and trends that shape it, and the transformations occurring within it – including globalization, deglobalization, systemic shifts, and fragilities. I offer in-depth analysis of the global order and the actors shaping it, providing insights into the constellations of global actors such as the USA, China, EU, Russia, India, and others. I examine their interactions and assess their impact on the overall system polarity, be it bipolar or multipolar. Furthermore, my research extends to geostrategy, geopolitics, and geoeconomics. I analyze strategic choices made by different countries and their implications on the global system. My research services offer valuable insights into the complex dynamics of the global system, empowering organizations and decision-makers to navigate an increasingly interconnected world.

To learn more about how my research services can benefit your understanding of the global system and inform your decision-making, please feel free to contact me.

Corporate values

1. Meaningful Connection

At FACE, we believe in the power of genuine relationships. Our commitment to fairness and integrity is at the heart of every interaction – akin to the trust and respect symbolized by a firm handshake. We strive to understand the unique needs and goals of our clients and forge meaningful connections that go beyond mere transactions. For us, every client is a valued partner, and their success is our success.

2. Simplicity

In the complex world of geopolitics, we stand for clarity and simplicity. We strive for total transparency in all our processes, ensuring our insights and recommendations are easy to understand and actionable. Our aim is to demystify the world of geopolitics, empowering our clients with clear, concise, and impactful advice that guides their strategic decision-making.

3. Glocalism

We honor the principle of glocalism, recognizing the importance of local context in a globalized world. We respect the diverse backgrounds of our clients and tailor our services to their unique regional circumstances. We support regional production, consumption, culture, and identity, while also helping our clients navigate the wider global landscape. At FACE, we believe in thinking globally but acting locally, enabling our clients to thrive in both arenas.


Velina Tchakarova

Unraveling Global Politics: A Decade-Plus Journey Through Geopolitics – Insightful and comprehensive publications from 2010 to 2023 by an industry veteran. Pioneering discourse on international relations, strategic decisions, power dynamics, and geopolitical complexities.

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